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How We Grow


Here in the United States, 80% of our cut flowers are shipped in from South America, Europa, and Asia, which requires an enormous amount of fuel and energy during the transportation and storage process. Often, those flowers are more than a week old by the time they reach the customer, and have thus been bred for exportation and long-distance travel in a box.  


Roses, carnations, and other commercially-grown flowers lose their most beautiful qualities in this process, such as their natural fragrance, and we are unable to enjoy many unique varieties simply because they cannot survive being shipped across the world. 

Here at Winters Farm Florals, we believe that flowers shouldn’t come from a box. In a world where climate change is top-of-mind, we owe it to ourselves, our children, and the future of our planet to be more thoughtful consumers.  That’s why our flowers are grown using sustainable practices that help our earth thrive.  


Our farming methods never disturb the soil, and instead use no-till in order to encourage soil health, increase soil life, and capture excess carbon in the soils.  It just so happens that this process grows a healthier plant and decreases our carbon footprint, as well.  It's a win for you, a win for us, and a win for our planet. 

Who doesn’t love a good win-win situation, but a win-win-win?  Even better.

A Cut Above

We love providing fresh, beautiful flowers and foliage to our local florists, supermarkets, brides, and party planners who are looking for a unique floral experience.  

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