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Our Story

I grew up barefoot and windblown on our 110-acre farm here on the Eastern Shore, where our nearest neighbors were a half mile away and our idea of fun was playing “wilderness” in the fields and woods for hours at a time.  My dad was a first-generation farmer who built our farm from the ground up, and a deep appreciation for Mother Nature was instilled in us at a young age.  The farm grounded me as much as the crops that it bore, and my roots ran as deep as the trees.

Yet, as often happens to our youthful selves, the need to wander tugged at my curiosity.  I left my little slice of paradise in search of education, in search of travel, in search of big dreams and new experiences.  I did all of those things, some a few times over, and yet the farther and wider I traveled, the happier I was to return to the Shore.  Happiness really can be found in your own backyard, and after twelve years away from the farm, I returned home. 


My dad was one of the earliest no-till farmers here on the Shore, and has been implementing soil health-conscious practices on his land for over 40 years.  As the second generation, it is both a duty and an honor to continue treating the land with the same respect as my father. 


Welcome to the farm.  I am thrilled to have you along for the journey.


Need Flourishing Florals?

Our flowers are grown for florists, local farm markets, and bulk orders for the DIY bride or party planner.  

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